Sunday, December 6, 2015


Judith left the cafeteria and headed to the hospital chapel. There were more than twenty chairs but none was occupied. She sat at the nearest chair she could grab on and stared at the big cross hanging on the wall across the room.

Her mind was black she couldn't utter a word. In fact, she doesn't know what to pray anymore. She had said all the things that she wanted, now she felt so weak and tired. She decided to stand up and return to Cara's room instead. When she turned around, she saw a young girl wearing a school uniform from Central Region Junior High.

She tried to ignore the girl but her legs wouldn't move. She heard soft voices coming from the floor beneath her. She looked down and saw that the girl was standing on her shadow. Judith started to perspire.

Closer, Angel. Stand closer to her.

The feet is mine.

The back is mine.

I'll take the front.

"Hi Judith," the girl finally spoke. "Remember me? I came to visit our cousin," she told her. "But the nurses said, her body was already taken away. She must be dead."


The girl smiled, "So you do remember me. Hmm..well, no one was expecting her to survive anyway. Uncle beat her up until she could no longer move and just left her to die. It was mom who found her and brought her here. But I guess it's too late."

"That happened five years ago!" Judith blurted out still trying to move her feet.

"Even God must have abandoned her. Its either, he is a cruel God or he doesn't really exist at all. My twin sister said, our cousin's face was so beat up, she can't even recognize her at all."

"You- you are also a believer, you just hate his existence," Judith said feeling sorry for the child.

"Oh, right. You and I we are the same," Angel shrugged. "But you know what, I think its better that Aisha died, so she wouldn't suffer anymore. Some children suffer longer, even years. That's even more cruel. Imagine to watch your child suffer for many years. I wonder, what God is doing in all those years?"

Take her!

Be patient. She's starting to break down.

I'll go first.

Judith noticed her shadow slowly getting bigger and bigger. Her eyes widened as one of the fallens came out of the shadow and grabbed Judith's left ankle. She felt a sudden pain in her legs  and tried to open her mouth. When she looked up, Angel was gone.

One by one, the unclean spirits stretched their arms to Judith. As they came closer, she felt her stomach twisted. She tried to scream but no voice came out of her mouth. And when she fell on the floor, the doctor's words echoed through her mind. 

"Mrs. Judith, Cara's leukemia has already progressed to the point where infections could become a real threat to her life."

"How about transfusions?" Ethan asked the oncologist.

"Well," Doctor Scott paused and let out a big sigh, "We may opt for more transfusions, but her immune system is extremely weak right now. I can't tell you in all honesty if she is likely to live for a few more weeks or months. However, there are a lot of things that we can do so that she doesn't experience pain and suffering for the next few days."

"Are you saying my baby is going to die?" Judith shouted. "Is there really nothing that you can do right now?"

"Judith, Cara's illness is terminal. It has reached the final stage."

What is God doing, exactly her thoughts. Her eyes became darker, she began to felt depressed as slowly more fallens crept closer to her.

What is God doing? The fallen whispered as it held her feet.

Your poor child, suffered for two years now. He must be punishing you. Another fallen said putting his two hands on her shoulder.

Another one embraced her, Your God has abandoned you.

Judith's hand shook as she stood up and walked slowly back to her daughter's room.  She wondered why she felt so heavy, suddenly. Was everything a lie? She wondered.

When she reached the door, she held the doorknob but couldn't open it.

"Let us in!" the fallens screamed trying to break the unseen walls created four days ago.

Judith shouted and started to curse, "What's wrong with this door?"  Fallens clung tighter on her. There were around forty of them already.

After a couple of minutes, the door finally opened. Judith cursed again as she entered the room. She looked at her daughter and cried beside her. One of the fallens went to Cara and attached itself to her chest. The little girl woke up in pain.

"Mama, I can't breath," she cried.

Judith was surprised to hear her daughter spoke. She came closer to her, "I'm here baby," she caressed her and slowly rubbed her chest.

Cara rolled up the sleeves of her pajamas and showed Judith the tiny red spots all over her legs. "It hurts," she said.

"I know, baby. I know," Judith whispered.

"Ma-ma. W-what happened to your eyes?" she asked as she stared intently at her.

"Why? I'm fine," she said ignoring her.

One by one, the unclean spirits transferred to Cara. The kid cried and complained. She made rattling noises at the back of her throat. Judith pressed the nurse call button and asked for help.

When Michelle came, she quickly examined Cara. The little girl's pupils were dilated and had a glassy gaze. Her lips became bluish grey and her arms and feet turned cold. She opened her jaw and slowly breathed through her mouth. Her body began to twitch and her hands curled up in pain. Michelle slowly turned Cara's head to the right side and adjusted the bed to keep her head elevated.

"Please wait while I call her attending physician," Michelle told Judith.

"Wait! That's it?"

"Please wait while I call Doctor Scott," the nurse insisted impatiently. She quickly left Judith who in her fury didn't know that slowly, the white of her eyes had started to be filled with pitch black color.

As her shadow lingered above her head, Judith took her phone and called her husband, "Come back here, I need you."

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