It was dark, but I lay peacefully in this quiet slumber. I crouched my body and placed my hands under my head. Everything was so still.

I waited and waited but I couldn't hear a thing. Suddenly I felt my body getting warmer and warmer. It was strange but I realized my thoughts were starting to return.

Used to the dark, I slowly opened my eyes and there I was blinded by the light. Bit by bit, my eyes adjusted and I saw myself standing on green grasses. The air was gradually filled with cheerful voices of people who were wearing white like me.

I noticed my body felt so light and so I checked my feet. To my surprised I saw a familiar name written on the ground. With a sudden realization, I looked up at the sky and behold I saw a man coming with the clouds of the heavens.

And all I know was that my soul rejoiced and I heard voices saying, "At last, He has returned!"

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