Friday, September 12, 2014


This was the biggest party of the month. All of Ronald’s friends and co-workers came to celebrate this special day. Some were in the pool while others were already drunk in Bacardi. Life at the shared services industry had been tough for the past weeks so his team decided to have fun at his house.

“Nice party, bro!” shouted Sean as he plunged into the pool.

Big splashes of water and laughter were heard.  One of the girls yelled as a group of four boys swam towards Sean and tried to pull his boxers.


Sean cursed as the group made fun of him. His drunkenness slowly subsided as he felt the water all over his body. Everything felt good. This was how life should be celebrated. Drink and get drunk, party all night long, have fun with the chicks.

“Hey, boss! You already drunk?” he shouted to the birthday boy.

Ronald smiled, “I think I just need a little rest.” He wrapped his arms around Tina’s shoulders and winked at Sean.

“Yeah, right!” Sean winked back as the two headed towards the stairs up to the room at the second floor.

In the Nipa House at the west side of the mansion, some of the girls were still drinking tequila and were chatting incessantly. He spotted Reyn’s curly brown hair. She was sitting at the end of the wooden bench. One, two, three.. Reyn swiftly looked at his way and when she saw that he was looking at her, she flashed her flirtatious smile.  Her lips were red as roses and her cheeks were pink like a salmon meat. He smiled back at her as he turned his gaze towards the water he'd been playing with his hands.

He looked around and the whole place smelled of alcohol and wet skin. It’s just like what he wished for, freedom to do whatever he wanted. Then out of nowhere, Grace’s face flashed through his eyes. And a sudden rushed of anger flowed through his body.  He shook his head and tried to erase his wife's lunatic face.

Gentle laughter filled the wind. Ha..ha..ha.. That is right my girl. Just look at him.  He really likes you. And the Fallen leaned towards Reyn and smelled her hair.

Sean turned his head again towards her and smiled. I told you he likes you. And she smiled back.

He came closer to Reyn and whispered. Every huge  fire, started with a spark, my lady.  His fiery eyes glowed in the dark while he murmured.

Reyn was smiling when suddenly an enormous winged-bull dashed towards the giant creature. He flapped his rubbery griffin wings while his coal-black eyes scan at the faces of the humans who were drunk in alcohol. "Prince Sitri, I can tell you are still having fun playing with your humans. It is fair to see why I have not seen you on the meeting of the councils."

The prince smirked and said, "King Zagan, you know I'm no advocate of your monotonous meetings."

"That is why I am here. You have been tasked for another mission- that is to destroy the Santuary in the East. I'm sure you will have a lot of fun."

The king's voice resonated all throughout the whole resort as he gazed in awe at Sitri. The Fallen's eyes were fixed on the girl with an ash-brown hair who was talking incessantly with her friends about her little daughter.

"Farewell then." Zagan flapped his wings again and a gushed of wind filled the place.

Prince Sitri looked at Reyn's face again. 
 My lady, the seed I planted to you is now strong. He brushed her hair with his hands while his crimson wings raised and enveloped her whole body. He will be better than the one who left. I trust you will perfectly execute what I have taught you, my love. Prince Sitri slowly moved back and his impressively beautiful face gradually turned into a leopard as he faded into the other side of space.

Reyn was left smiling thinking everything will be wonderful and fine.