Monday, December 7, 2015


For four years, I secretly watched him from afar. On the fifth year, he suddenly approached me and said I was someone connected to him. I shrugged my shoulder, what an awkward way to open a conversation. But I secretly smiled to myself. On the same year, he left. My heart was shattered into pieces.

I realized, I missed his voice that made my heart thumped and brought butterflies in my stomach.

Four years after, we saw each other again. He smiled at me again. It was a brief moment, but it seemed to last forever. But the world were we were is too big after all. There was no way we could be together.

But the way we would bumped into each other in unexpected ways, unexpected days and unexpected places brought confusion in my mind. Could it be fate? Providence? Or just a mere coincidence? And I remember, he would call me in the midst of many people, he would find me and call me by my name.

When I saw him becoming successful, I became jealous. When I saw him reaching for his dream, I became envious.

Eight years of hopeless unrequited love. Eight years I prayed.

On the tenth year I stopped waiting.

Grace felt her head was beginning to get heavy. She heard someone calling her name.

Grace... Grace..

She looked around and suddenly, a girl in white silhouette was standing in front of her.

It crawled towards her and slowly buried its fingers in her legs. It hurts.

A flaming sword appeared on top of Grace's head, it flew from left to right  She tried to reached for it, when the fallen grabbed her hands, Grace uttered a name.

Nooo! the fallen screamed.

When she fell from her bed, the fallen disappeared. Grace slowly opened her eyes, it felt like a beautiful nightmare. To dream of her first love, was it hidden all along within her subconscious, or was it someone trying to mess up with her emotions?

She looked at her watch, it was already pass six in the morning. Sean wasn't at home yet. And she wasn't even allowed to ask once he returned. Oh, yes. He got a lot of excuses on his plate. And that so called privacy and freedom, had such a high price. Again, she felt betrayed and disgusted to herself, for being a fool.

She cried and fell to her knees, ran her fingers unconsciously on her legs. The scratches were real, she looked behind the door and saw the fallen.

It called to her again.

Grace, I'm not yet done with you.

"Flee away from me," she whispered.

The fallen screamed and cursed.

A knock on the door. When Grace opened it, there was a not-so-good looking man in his early thirties- must be around five-feet-seven-inches tall. He looked rugged, lean and well-built with his plain white shirt, tattered jeans and worn-out sneakers. His dark curly hair looked like he just came out of his bed, though. His square jaw and thick straight eyebrows gave a feeling of intimidation whereas his thin lips curved in a slight smile projected slyness. What caught Grace's attention was the scar on his left eye which looked like from an animal's claw.

"How much faith do you have faithwalker?" the man asked her.

"Faith?" she asked in sudden confusion.

"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed-- then come with me to the Sanctuary. There are a lot of things you need to know."

The man raised his hand and offered to shake hands with her. "Paul," he said.

Grace slowly lifted her hands and when she touched his, behold her eyes were opened--behind Paul were hundreds, no, thousands of angels clothed in white linen riding in flaming chariots. Their body like that of an emerald and eyes like burning coal.

"What's this?" Grace asked as she fell on her knees.

"It's a new day," he said with a smile.

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