Friday, October 2, 2015


"Fucking life! Fucking life!" she kicked the wall while shouting on top of her lungs.

Her co-workers laughed silently as they passed by her.

"She's funny."

"She's insane."

She heard different things but she didn't care. She hated everything around her. She hated everyone she knew. She hated herself.

"Fucking life!" she shouted again as she stomped her feet. She squatted on the ground and placed her head between her knees.

She heard her thoughts, or was it someone else speaking to her.

That's right. Your life is fucked up. There's no point in living now, the voice said. No one would care anyway.

She remembered the reason why she felt so shitty. It was Vic. And she wanted to put all the blame on him. And she thought everything she ever knew right were mistakes. It was wrong to love a guy like him. Why did God ever let her love that shitty kind of guy. Everything was a mess and she hated it.

She stood up and decided to return to the office, when she heard someone calling her.

"Mary! Over here!"

She turned around and saw Nikki and John. "What were you cussing about? Did you and Vic fight again?" and they both laughed.

"Not funny," all she said.

"He's feeling down too. You should talk to him." Nikki encouraged her with what seemed to be a fake smile.

This woman. How could she smile to you after flirting with your  boyfriend. How insensitive or maybe she is trying to provoke you.

Mary turned her back again and ignored her, "Mind your own business."

Shrills of wicked laughter filled the air. That's right, good girl. Human, indeed are interesting. Ha ha ha ha. This person is so easy to deal with.

"Don't you ever think I can't live without you!" Mary thought out loud as she headed towards the cafeteria.

You can't trust him anymore. And the two of you aren't compatible anyway. It's time you love yourself more.

Mary looked around and saw Vic in a corner with a grim face, eating with his teammates. She trembled again upon seeing that Nikki was sitting beside him. They were all laughing and it looked like they were making fun of him. Nikki placed her hands on his shoulder and whispered on his ear. Their legs touched as he listened to her.

My dear, he doesn't really care about you. Look how happy he is. How about you go there and show him what he was looking for.

Mary stepped her feet towards their table but stopped suddenly.

What are you hesitating for? You don't care about the relationship anymore right? So it doesn't matter what you do.

Mary stepped another foot when someone grabbed her hand. "Mary, come to our table."


The guy smiled at her and dragged her to their table.

No! The Fallen shouted. That's not what you're supposed to do!

"Hi Mary!" Hannah greeted her, "Sit here."

Mary sat at the table with downcast eyes.

"Have you had your lunch?" Ken asked her.

Mary shook her head and didn't say a thing. Ken and Hannah looked at each other and turned their eyes at the group of people in the corner of the cafeteria.

"Wanna come with us later?" Hannah said.


"In my place. It's my birthday." Ken said with a smile. "You can give my gift on payday," he said jokingly.

Mary pouted and looked at the two. "Can I think about it?"

The two shook their head

The Fallen went behind Vic, his face looked so dark and gloomy. Look at your woman, over there. Isn't she having fun with that guy. What's his name again? Oh, Ken.

Vic drank his cola as he took a peek at Mary who was at the table near the entrance door. He switched his eyes to the guy sitting in front of her girlfriend and looked away.

"Vic, your girlfriend is really funny." Nikki said, her hands still on his shoulder.

"Yeah, she was like shouting fucking life, fucking life while stomping her feet on the ground," John continued.

His teammates laughed in chorus as he bowed his head in embarrassment.

"Hey Nikki," the sturdy well built woman called her, "Get your hands off Vic. If Mary sees you, she'll get the wrong idea again!"

"Yuck!" Nikki said as she removed her hand from Vic's shoulder. "I will never ever do it with you! No way!"

"You disgust me too," Vic said.

"Disgust?" Nikki blurted as she hit him with her hands.

"You were so disgusted with Nikki that you were hugging her the whole time during the team building," Mitch said.

"Mommy Mitch, I don't know what you're talking about!" Nikki defended.

"Because you were pretending to be asleep on the way to Subic," the supervisor said.

"Not you too Mommy Jo!"

The Fallen stepped closer and watched Nikki's eyes. She got pretty eyes, he said.

Vic turned to Nikki and looked at her eyes.

"What?" Nikki said with wide eyes.

Vic turned his gaze away and shook his head as he drank the can of cola again.

"Himerus, what have you been doing?" A deep voice echoed behind the Fallen.

He turned around and scowled, "You again? What's your purpose?"

"I heard you're having a hard time. I see those two faithwalkers are here again," the king said as he scanned the place with his coal-black eyes.

"You dont know anything. Don't mess with me while I'm having fun with my humans."

"Well I do know, Prince Sitri is coming."

The Fallen stood tall and stared at the king, his beautiful face filled with contempt.

The King laughed, his voice sounded like thunder. "I talked to him myself and he just arrived at the East Station. He was ordered to take care of the Sanctuary himself. Isn't that wicked? Besides, a deluding spirit like you is a shame, anyway."

Himerus turned around and saw Ken coming. The other demon cursed as he shook in fear. "I'll take my leave." He flapped his large wings and disappeared.

"Hey sup," Ken greeted Joana. "How's it going?"

"Is that Mary with you?" Joana answered, looking at the table near the door. She smiled when Hannah smiled at her.

"Uh, yeah. We are going to Hannah's place after shift. Wanna come?" Ken looked at Vic who was busy with his plate.

"We have already reserved a place in Spencer's. Maybe we can drop by afterwards."

Ken nodded and smiled. "Yeah, sounds good," he said as he took a quick glance at Vic again.

The Fallen trembled and stepped back. He felt hot tears coming out of his eyes as he watch his hands slowly melt in pain. You will pay for this!  A shrieking cry echoed as the Fallen spread his wings.

Ken looked at the ceiling and watched as the red-winged spirit struggled to flew away from them.

"Tell Hannah, happy birthday," the supervisor said.

"Okay," and he left them with a smile.

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