Monday, July 14, 2014


The young  girl was so exhausted from the day’s  events. She went to her  bed and closed her eyes at about 11:45 PM.  She tried to talk to the Spirit, but her body was so tired and weak and her mind drifted off to the land of clouds and illusions.

It was already past 3 in the morning. She had her usual dream. She was running in a familiar street, she ran and ran until she realized she was just going round in circles. She looked back and someone  was  still following her. No matter what, she had to run.

The city was in chaos and a lot of people were already taken. She had to run to that safe place she knew- a meadow,full of wild flowers, enclosed with unseen fences,  where no one could follow. But the people following her were too close, would she give up?

She knew she may never make it alive if she would stop running. So she just ran and hoped that someone would pick her up to save her. The people she knew, they would help her. But who they were, it was only a memory and  she had a hard time trying to figure out what their faces look like. They are powerful people who could help her. People with gifts. But they were nowhere to be found.

Her feet were now starting to get slower and slower. She tried hard to drag her feet but they were becoming heavier and heavier each second. Around her, more people were running and were being taken but she had to endure, she had to run no matter how heavy her feet were. 

When she made a left turn at the end of the street, she saw a huge figure- a giant! The creature, who looks like a gigantic woman, was stomping her feet on the ground and  she was getting nearer and nearer. I have to hide, but there is nowhere to run. Enemies are everywhere. I can’t hide no more. Then canon balls were fired from afar,  loud bombs were  heard,  it was like a civil war of  people and unknown entities.
Not this place! Not this place! Somewhere..somewhere safe…

And just when she was about to give up, she found her self  lying on the bed. It was dark, the lights were out.  She could hear faint music from under the pillows. She realized it was her mp3 player, the song is kinda familiar. However it was strange the singers are the voices of children. They were singing in happy voices. Suddenly, their singing turned into laughters. Their little voices became adult voices and their cute laughters became wicked laughters. And the voices became louder and louder, bigger and bigger, and they crawled into her ears and  into her head.

The girl struggled, she started to panic and the enemies had  surely smelled  her fears. She tried to move, but her whole body was paralyzed.

Suddenly, a dark figure was on top of her, trying to make his way through her. She tried to move her fingers but they wouldn’t move.  The shadow’s feet were on her two legs, his hands were on her throat.

Get a..way!! She tried to scream but she knew no voices would come out of her mouth. She concentrated and ignored the heavy weight of the figure above her body. All she needed to do is to say one powerful word. Ye-shu-a!

Her eyes suddenly opened and  the wicked voices echoed  through the whole room.  The dark shadow disappeared and left a sound of a growling dog which then eventually faded off  the room after a few seconds.

She sat on her bed and tried to catch her breath. Her whole body was aching and drops of sweat  rolled from her right forehead to her chin. She immediately stood up and turned on the lights.

The whole room lighted but she could still feel the eerie feeling which just left the room.  She looked at the wall clock-  3:33 AM. Panting, she sat on her bed again and chanted a little prayer. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Then she went to sleep again. This time, no evil spirits were able to enter her room.

-This is just the beginning

“I will give you everything your heart desires. I will be the father that you never had. I will give you power and wealth that you could never imagine. All you have to do is to give me a faithwalker's soul!”

The human with his head bowed down to the ground with blood on his right hand uttered, “But the Spirit there is so strong. And there are angels in the corners of the house. There is a powerful wall. I can’t do anything. The place has been fortified.”

The dark spirit made a deep growl. “I will give you another chance. I will give you all the powers and knowledge that you need.”

The human ‘s heart was filled with evil, lust, anger,  and foul words came out of his mouth. “I found another faithwalker, and surely I will bring his soul to you!”

Shrill laughters filled the air. And the fallen flew up to the skies and gave his reports to the guardian of the East.

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