Monday, July 7, 2014


A shadow as tall as nine feet made a thundering enormous sound and the two dryads were taken aback.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The whole house shook and smoke began to fill the whole room. The giant made a deep growl and rushed in front of the two dryads. The blue-eyed woman raised her two arms as the giant’s huge fists smashed at them. A wall of charged particles blocked the creature’s huge hands which continued to pound at them. When the giant realized that his targets were surrounded by a barrier, he was enraged. He gathered all his strength and hit the wall harder.

The blue dryad knew that any minute the barrier would be broken. Cracks had begun to form while her hands go numb. The monster’s strength was so enormous and can’t be compared.  “Ara, grab the girl! We are leaving.”

The woman with the green hair searched for Alunsina. The little girl was on the bed with her mouth covered with her hands. The smoke made her weak as she coughed repeatedly. Ara’s fingers extended like vines and coiled around Alunsina’s body.

“Nooo! Help me Kafir! Kafir!!”

The giant glanced at the direction of Alunsina’s faint voice. He was so furious when he saw that the girl was being lifted in the air. With one struck, his fist punched through the light blue wall and Fiuwe was smashed into the wall.

Kafir turned her head to Ara and there was an earthquake for every step. More vines flashed and Kafir's arms and feet had been entwined with green fibers and roots from the tree nymph. But the giant was so strong, the vines couldn't stop him from rushing forward. 

Kafir charged and raised his arms to reach for Al. Fiuwe slowly stood up and she raised her hands once again. Kafir tried to grab Alunsina however lights flashed and billions of firebolts rushed through his bloodstream as the explosives violently shattered his skin.  


When the two dryads thought it was over, Kafir suddenly pulled and pulled the twisted vines around his arms. His eyes are now bloody red and more smoke came out of his mouth. “You think you can beat me dryads? Imma burn you and rip you apart!!!”

Ara became agitated and screamed when she saw her vines burning, “What should we do, Fiuwe? Do something!!”

Fumes came out of Kafir’s mouth and pervaded the whole room. His harsh voice echoing through the windows, “You will pay for this!” His red eyes were filled with rage as he came closer and closer to Ara’s face.

The window glasses had shattered while the wall crumbled. Ara tried to neutralize the smoke but it was so immense her leaves were drying out. Gusts of gray wind permeated her thick fern hair as the tree demon strenuously howled.

Ara started to feel feverish. Her whole body started to moisten and she saw green saps seeping out of her veins. “Why are you provoking me tree demon? Do you want to see your ugly death?” 

She gave out a piercing cry and the stems covering her body swiftly lined up. The leaves became spikes and made their way through the smoke. However, as the small blades touched the giant's skin, they started to burn into ashes. “Impossible!”

She looked up at the huge shadow just above her head. On her left, Alunsina was still in the air locked by green dewy veins. Round smoky red-coal eyes were the only things Ara could see and they got bigger and closer as the monster plunged towards her.

Then she heard the crash of thunder and one loud heavy sound followed it. She blinked and Kafir’s red eyes suddenly disappeared.

Smoke began to cease and Ara saw a lightning sword at the back of the monster. Gradually, the light vanished into thin air and the tree demon moaned.

“We must go before he gain consciousness again.” Fiuwe pointed out to Alunsina who has passed out because of the heavy smoke.

Ara protested, “Shouldn’t we finish him?”

“Our mission is to get the girl!”

“But he burned my stems!!” irked Ara. “I will make him pay.”

Fiuwe ignored Ara as her hazy wings fluttered. She glided past the splintered door while the latter followed her.

“I can’t believe this!” mumbled the green dryad. She jumped through the windows and soared through the rushing wind and rain.

Alunsina’s eyes barely opened. It smelled of sulfur everywhere and she saw their house full of yellow smokes bravely bathing under the rain. She was sure that Kafir made an indistinct grumble as she caught a glimpse of him lying on the floor.

As the house became a mini doll house, she partially caught a sight of the acacia tree in the middle of the backyard. Creepy branches seemed to extend towards her. Bamboo grasses screeched as they collide. She saw two familiar faces standing at the protruded roots of the tree. Josh Mary. And she thought she saw her mom lying face down in the mud.

Huh? Ara looked behind her back where Alunsina was tied up.

“What is it?” Fiuwe asked.

Ara looked up again, “Nothing, I thought I heard her.”

And they flew beyond the dark clouds where the acacia tree can be seen no more.

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